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Who Are You, Beefy Brands?

Back in the 90's...

Founder Tim spent most of his nights around the table with his family and friends, and learned the valuable lesson of community, fun, & conversation. (👈 8th Grade Photo)

Fast-forward, Beefy Brands was formed to bring more smiles to the ever-blandening homeware space, a reflection of the state of homes across the USA. His goal was to offer more reasons for people to come around the table in the name of a good time - a much needed value in today's world.

The Beefy Team

We're a group of like-minded individuals that believe in the same mission as Tim -- creating more fun products to liven up the homeware space.

Every team member is excited to bring new products to market as well as keep our customer base happy and growing.

We try not to take ourselves seriously, and much of our brand building is based on having fun. We LOVE being able to create fun things from nothing, and hope you do too.

Beefy Mission
We Are Bound By Our American Values

We aren't some random drop-ship company, sourcing cheap crap and slapping on a label. We are a real brand. An American one. We devote ourselves to everything we produce and all of our partners, making products you love. We care about everyone in our supply-chain as well, and are committed to keeping our core American values alive.