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We The Beefy

Solemnly Pledge to...

1.) Defy the Blah

The world seems to have gone stale with Blah Syndrome. So many products and brands seem to be on cruise control, rinse and repeat -- especially in the world of homeware. We aim to change that.

Our mission is to always keep it fresh.

2.) Keep it Lean n' Real.

We want our products to be high quality, something people ACTUALLY USE, and accessible. To make good products accessible and repeatedly usable, the onus is on us to do the dirty work of good manufacturing and sourcing practices.

3.) Get Back to the Table

By creating products that make Table Life a little more interesting and inspiring, we're hoping that we can at least help create lasting bonds and conversations back around the home. Something that the world needs a little more of today. (Image from Don't Look Up)

4.) Choose Sustainability

This is not an option for us. As we grow, one of our critical goals is to ensure we enact responsibility in our sourcing and supply chain. That includes better, more sustainable materials.

This starts with stating it in our mission statement, and acting on it as we move forward. We believe nature and business can grow together, as long as those behind the business keep their end of the bargain. We promise to do this. 

5.) Reclaim the Home

To help reclaim our homes from the bland, potpourri-ization of our rightful strongholds. The home should be a fortress of comfort and character. Not sets for stock photography. Weren't our homes supposed to be OUR homes? You know what we're talkin' about.

Your House. Your Rules.

6.) Always Keep Creating

Our mission is to keep making positive, creative products and a creative, fun brand to inspire some energy around the home...and ultimately your life.

That is translated into all of our Beefyware™, with many more products to come.

7.) NEVER Give In

To all the haters, nay-sayers, cancelists, we refuse to bend-the-knee and give in to their bitter demands. We won't stifle our creativity just because 1 out of a 1000 is allergic to happiness.

However, to our true patrons, we will bend over backwards to ensure your satisfaction & happiness and welcome you to the Beefy Club with open arms.

We Are Bound By Our American Values

We aren't some random drop-ship company, sourcing cheap crap and slapping on a label. We are a real brand. An American one. We devote ourselves to everything we produce and all of our partners, making products you love. We care about everyone in our supply-chain as well, and are committed to keeping our core American values alive.